Parents share a particularly close bond with their children and that is especially true of fathers and sons. Typically, a son will take the family name onto the next generation and have “man to man” chats with his dad that play a huge role in influencing the kind of adult he will eventually become.

For many men, their dad is their first and most long-lasting best friend – the person who took them fishing for the first time, who got them the keys to their first set of wheels, and, of course, gave them some genuinely useful advice about how to navigate the world of dating.

When it comes to weddings, it’s a given that a woman’s father will almost certainly walk her down the aisle if he is in her life, but a man’s dad doesn’t have a set role in the same way. However, on occasion, some men decide to give their dads the coveted role of best man.

It is a best man’s job to organize the stag do (admittedly, strippers are unlikely if a dad is in charge) and give the most anticipated speech of the wedding. While best friends might have hilarious anecdotes from high school, dads have a lot more stories to chose from to do it justice.

Being asked to be someone’s best man is a great honor and that’s something this dad from Ohio demonstrated after he was overwhelmed by emotion when his son asked him to be his best man. He did so using a photo album filled with pictures of them throughout the years.

Check out the video below to see the heartwarming moment for yourself:

What is not clear in the video is how the father is asked to be his son’s best man. His son ended the album with a picture of a tuxedo accompanied by the request. He said he came up with the idea because he wanted to surprise his dad with something genuinely thoughtful on his birthday.

“The video was originally filmed so I could share it with my sister who also lives in Ohio. The reaction I got ended up being priceless…” the son revealed. His parents live in Florida and had been in town visiting when the video was taken.

This dad’s reaction is a testament to the fact that, as the photo album cover states, life really is about collecting moments and not things.