Judy Malinowski was killed by her boyfriend, Michael Slager after he set her on fire back in 2015. However, she has just been granted permission to testify against Slager at her own murder trial from beyond the grave.

If you’re interested in following Judy Malinowski’s story and upcoming murder trial, then you should take a few moments to watch the video below. It will detail all the events leading up to now, and get you up to speed before the trial begins this July:

Malinowski, a mother of two, was attacked outside an Ohio gas station after having an argument with her boyfriend. Slager allegedly covered Malinowski in gasoline and set her on fire, leaving her severely burned.

She suffered fourth and fifth-degree burns, lost her ears, two fingers, and was left with open sores on her back. Her throat was also severely damaged and she was unable to walk, but even after two years in the hospital and 56 surgeries, Malinowski eventually succumbed to her injuries and passed away.

Prior to her death in June of 2017, Malinowski was able to speak with reporters and recorded an hour and 45-minute video deposition from her hospital room. In the video, she outlined exactly what took place on that horrific day.

“I never knew that a human being could be so evil. He just stood there and did nothing,” Malinowski told NBC4i.