Politics should be kept out of certain areas of day-to-day life. If we’re going to slam actors and directors for bringing up politics at award ceremonies, then we should probably shame athletes for introducing politics into their respective fields.

Boxer Rod Salka entered the ring last Thursday wearing a pair of “America First” shorts, somewhat distastefully patterned with the “border wall” Trump wishes to build in order to separate the United States and Mexico.

Salka is free to support the President if he chooses, but his shorts could be considered offensive, especially considering Salka’s opponent was Francisco Vargas, who happens to be Mexican. Also, the fight was taking place in California, where Boxing is very popular with Mexican-Americans.

Salka was throwing obvious shade big time, but it did little to help him win the fight. He took plenty of punches but was barely able to touch Vargas. In the fifth round, Vargas delivered a vicious uppercut to Salka, which knocked him senseless.

What Salka getting his ass kicked in footage from the fight below:

Salka got back up to finish the round, but wouldn’t last through many more. He stayed upright through the sixth, but before the seventh, his corner called it quits, handing the win to Vargas.

While the loss was humiliating for Salka, Twitter was loving it. Many commenters hailed Vargas for “tearing down the wall” and said how satisfying it was to see Salka lose to a Mexican fighter. Perhaps Salka will think twice before wearing such offensive shorts in the ring again.