Budapest is a beautiful city and I’d highly recommend visiting Hungary’s capital. Stunning old buildings line the Danube river, creating some incredible views from the 19th century Chain Bridge. Ruin bars are famous throughout the city and there’s always something cultural or festive happening.

If you’d like a closer look at how these extravagant teens get to spend their days in the lap of luxury, then check out the video below. If only we could all be as fabulous as they are:

Some may call the flaunting of their wealth distasteful, but let’s face it, if you had that much money, would you keep it to yourself and off your social media profiles?

However, unknown to most visitors, there is a certain group of locals who really know how to live it up in Budapest.

These are the so-called “Rich Kids of Budapest” who have made a living flaunting their very fat pocketbooks and living large in one of Eastern Europe’s most vibrant capitals.

Instagram has captured the “live fast, die young” lifestyle of these teens and there are plenty of salacious photos that show off exactly how extravagant they choose to live. Sports cars, expensive campaign, private jets, and luxury vacations are just some of the things you can see on the account.

Not to forget, these teens seem to love stripping down to their birthday suits for the pleasure of internet viewers as well! Plenty of the teens have posted pictures of themselves scantily clad or not wearing clothes at all. Hopefully, the young beauty in the sports car doesn’t get pulled over!