Scientists recently traveled 750 meters below the surface of the ocean in a submarine to discover what exactly happens to a whale carcass on the seabed. When the carcass came into view, no one knew what to expect, and were shocked to discover a herd of 20 foot-long sharks in the vicinity.

The frenzied sharks were aggressively feeding on the whale carcass, and when more and more sharks arrived to the feast, they began to attack each other out of competitiveness. As the submarine came in closer, the sharks thought it, too, was trying to get a piece of the carcass.

Watch the unbelievable video below:

In that heart-stopping moment, the sharks begin attacking the submarine, ramming, shoving, at biting at the metal and glass vehicle. The scientists inside are unsure what to do and one can be heard saying that he was “a little bit afraid”.

The scientists comment that the submarine is strong, but that so are the sharks, which actually manage to move the sub backward. Eventually, the sharks realize that the scientists are not there to compete for their meal and they go back to feeding on and ripping apart the whale carcass.

The scientists certainly endured a breathtaking experience – one which provided some amazing underwater video footage, though it wasn’t achieved without a few stomach-churning moments of fear. Luckily the submarine proved to be stronger than the sharks.