Warning: These pictures are not for the faint of heart! But I guarantee you’ll still look…

Somehow when we see something absolutely disgusting we just can’t help but stare at it and want to show it to everyone else. It’s a bit like how so many start recording natural disasters on their cell phones and post the footage on social media, instead of getting the hell out of there and surviving. What can I say? It must be in our genes.

Well, now it’s our time to ruin your day. Here are 16 stomach-churning pictures that will totally keep you up at night:

1. When you shower before eating breakfast

Hmm… I wonder what flavor it was.

2. When the soap wasn’t filling enough

It might look like chocolate, but it ain’t taste like chocolate.

3. Toothpicks are for teeth

I feel pain just looking at this one!

4. Grilled or extra crispy?

A magnificent piece of peeled off skin from a sunburn. Definitely looks extra crispy.

If you thought that little piece of skin was gross, wait until you see number 5!

5. It’s like a foot pouch…

…made of skin!

6. Imagine that lash just hanging in your eye all day

You’re totally rubbing your eye right now, aren’t you?

7. That lash not bothering you?

How about this glitter?

8. Still feeling fine?

Not after looking at this picture! Supposedly this woman was curling her eyelashes when her dog startled her and she accidentally pulled them all out! Gross!

These eye pictures not grossing you out? Well, what about this next one involving a pimple that’s  extremely ripe for the popping?

9. Come on, you know you want to pop it!

Just be sure you’re wearing a facemask first. This one’s a gusher!

10. The mother of all pore strips

Hey, at least it’s not still in his nose, right? (Though it should be in the garbage!)

11. How often do you clean your keyboard?

And just think how many times you touch that mess in the course of a day.

12. Quick, grab the tweezers!

Seriously, how could anyone have a conversation with this guy and not be staring at his nose the whole time?

Ever wonder what rocks would look like if they had teeth? Now you don’t have to…

13. Some things just weren’t meant to have teeth

Funnily enough, I think I would have been okay with these having eyes, but teeth? Definitely not.

14. Speaking of things that don’t go together…

Crocs and Beans! Why did this even happen?

15. In case you were wondering what a chicken looks like with human eyes

I think someone took the time to make this just so it could haunt our dreams.

16. So much nope

My skin is crawling just looking at this!

If those pictures weren’t disturbing enough, how do you feel about pimple popping videos? Does all that inflamed skin and gooey white pus oozing out of a human’s body make you want to vomit or grab a snack and watch all day?

Personally, I’m in the vomit camp, but if you’re one of those folks who love a good pimple pop, then I’ve got a treat for you. Check out the video below for the top five most disgusting pimple extractions you’ll ever see. Just try to look away. I dare you!