When Diane Augler discovered that she was pregnant with her fifth child, she was elated. However, this feeling soon subsided after she discovered that her husband, Mark, was not going to survive lung disease they thought he’d beaten.

Only weeks earlier before baby Savannah was born, the Augler family, from The Colony, Texas, had been celebrating around the Christmas tree as they prepared to turn their backs on a turbulent year and start fresh.

And what better way to begin a new chapter than with a new addition to the family…

At the time Diane was heavily pregnant and thankful that the chaotic episode in her life was over so that her growing family could focus on their future together. Little did she know that a few weeks later she’d be faced with some crippling news.

On January 3, the life she’d imagined her family would have crashed down around her when 52-year-old Mark began to struggle with his breathing. Further analysis at the hospital found that Mark’s lungs had been ravaged by the eight months of chemotherapy he’d had before being given the all clear.

Diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, they remained hopeful that his condition wouldn’t be life-threatening.  “We thought he could get on steroid treatment and oxygen and live for years,” a tearful Diane told ABC News.