Whenever a new baby is welcomed into the world, one of the first things that people do is compare them to their family members. Do they have their mom’s eyes? Their dad’s nose? What about their grandparents? Do they bear any resemblance to them?

People who share the same genes often bear striking physical resemblances to each other, even if they aren’t twins. However, in some instances, family members couldn’t look more different. Genetics is a complicated business and our appearances are proof of this.

Check out the video below to see people who recreated their grandparents’ pictures:

But for those who do happen to look like family members, this creates the unique opportunity to recreate photographs. These can show just how much (and how little) has changed over time and, on occasion, reveal family doppelgängers who are generations apart!

1. A grandfather and grandson, separated by war and peace

“Standing next to my grandfather on the streets of Pleurtuit, France, in 1944 and 2013.”

2. Sometimes a century doesn’t change much

“Recreated my Great-Grandmother’s 1918 Portrait.”

3. They even have the same hairstyle!

“My grandfather and I, 1965 and 2016.”