There is a very real risk of World War Three breaking out. The Doomsday Clock is the closest that it’s ever been to midnight, and the most powerful man in the world, Donald Trump, has just said that he will launch America’s powerful arsenal at Syria.

This came after Putin said that Russia would shoot down any missiles fired at Syria in response to a supposed chemical weapons attack. In response, Trump told Russia to prepare for the launch of America’s “nice and new and smart” missiles.

While the exact type of missiles that Trump intends to launch are unknown, his words have caused many people to believe that WWIII is imminent – although, admittedly, this is not the first time Trump has caused people to worry about an impending war.

Should WWIII break out, many places, including the United States, will automatically become targets for other countries’ missiles depending on their allegiances. However, not every country in the world will necessarily get involved in the event of WW3.

Check out the video below to discover some of the safest places to live if a war breaks out:

Because technology is so much more advanced than it was during World War Two, a third world war could potentially have catastrophic consequences, with nuclear weapons causing damage that could irrevocably change life on Earth as we know it.

So great is the threat of war that a top Russian military commander, Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov, has spoken out against it, saying, “I hope for the reason and ability of politicians to negotiate – both ours and the US. We must not allow war.”

On that note, here are the 10 safest places to flee to should Putin and Trump fail to put their differences to the side for the sake of humanity…