As most of us are now well-aware, Facebook and other social networking sites pose a serious risk to our privacy on the web.

If the Cambridge Analytica scandal — in which 87 million Facebook users from around the world had their personal data harvested — has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t (and shouldn’t) trust social media sites to keep our private information, well, private. Thanks, Zuckerberg.

That’s why if you’re still planning on keeping your Facebook account despite the fallout, you should really consider removing the following pieces of information from your profile.

1. Your Birthday

Your Birthday

Having access to your birthday just makes it easier for con artists to gain access to your personal details and even your bank account information.

2. Your Phone Number

Your Phone Number

Do you want all of your Facebook friends (or people looking at your profile) to have your phone number? If not, then take it off!

3. Photographs Of Young Children

Photographs Of Young Children

“What type of information would children want to see about themselves online at a later date?” asked Victoria Nash, the acting director of the Oxford Internet Institute. And she has a point. Kids may not want their photos splashed across various social media pages.

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