If the news headlines of recent years are anything to go by, then it’s clear for all to see that animals should not be used for human entertainment.

From Harambe to Seaworld, there are many instances where animals have been unjustly harmed by humans. Of course, the cash that animal attractions make is often blamed for this poor treatment, with greedy park owners profiting off the vulnerable creatures they cramp into small cages.

However, the fault is equally that of visitors who don’t understand how to behave around wild animals. Be it feeding them something that they cannot digest or banging unnecessarily on their glass enclosures (we all know what happened to Dudley Dursley when he pestered that snake).

The latest video to surface online shows just how dangerous visitors can be when they interact with the animals after a giraffe got its head trapped in a car at West Midland Safari Park in Worcester, England. Desperate to free itself, the terrified creature shatters the glass causing it to fly in all directions.

If you adore animals then you may find the following video distressing to watch…

As the woman in the car rolls up her window, the giraffe is left without a way to escape as it reaches its long neck into the vehicle presumably in search of snacks.

Without a way to extract its head from the car, the giraffe smashes the window before fleeing the area after being evidently spooked by the incident.

The person filming the incident immediately asks the woman if she’s okay before speculating that the giraffe may be injured. Talking to the Daily Mail, they now maintain that the giraffe was not harmed in the incident:

“I can assure you the giraffe was perfectly fine. I honked the horn for the keepers to come over. I pointed out the giraffe and they used food as bait to get a closer look. They were happy that it wasn’t hurt and let it be.The passenger did have some cuts. In fact, we had lots of glass in our car, on my lap and on the dash. No idea why the window was raised.”

The video has caused outrage online with those who perceive it to be animal cruelty. “The people in the car closed the window, how on earth was the giraffe going to get its head back out without breaking the glass?” wrote one viewer.

What do you think? Is it the fault of those in the vehicle, or was there no way for them to avoid the incident?