Why is Conor McGregor still a thing? It’s like he’s the little school boy who isn’t smart enough to use his words so he uses his fists instead. Even when he does use his words, he ends up sounding like an egotistical jerk with a God-complex.

Can someone please take this guy down a few notches? Oh wait, they did! McGregor was recently stripped of his lightweight title, a championship he won in November 2016 and never defended.

Shortly after, he was caught attacking a bus carrying UFC competitors, throwing objects at it, breaking a window, and injuring a few people inside. He’s since been arrested.

 Want to see McGregor acting like an idiot and attacking a bus? Then you’re in luck, we’ve got the footage of his latest rampage below:

While we all wait to see what comes of McGregor’s latest controversy let’s revisit some of his previous shocking and ego-maniacal quotes, shall we?


“The dream fight. There isn’t really any. I’d love to fight myself if I really could. Imagine the numbers that would do if there was two of me.

McGregor said this back in 2016 when asked who his dream opponent would be. Arrogant much?


“Me and Jesus are cool. I’m cool with all the gods. Gods recognize gods.”

McGregor showed off his God complex before he was due to fight Rafael dos Anjos in March of 2016.


“They all have sore vaginas lately, it’s crazy. There’s something going on, I don’t know. Dos Anjos broke his foot and his vagina in the same damn day.”

After dos Angos broke his foot and couldn’t fight, this was McGregor’s thoughtful response.

Want to know what McGregor thinks is cause to “break out the red panties”? Check out number 4…