If you frequently spend time repairing some of your garments, then you’ll know that there are very few experiences more painful than trying to thread a needle. The process of poking the teeny-tiny fabric string through an even teenier-tinier hole is possibly one of the most frustrating on the planet. But what if it didn’t have to be?

Thanks to the internet, we are able to find helpful hacks which shave serious seconds off of our daily routines. If you aren’t genius enough to discover them on your own accord, then there is always somebody online willing to educate you. Now, the latest lesson from the internet is how to thread a needle in record-breaking time.

Watch, learn, and be prepared to be amazed…

Not only is it incredibly nifty, but it’s also extremely satisfying to watch. In fact, it’s given me the urge to sew something just because I now can.

For those who regularly reach for the needle, this trick will revolutionize your life. It will also save you from needlessly stabbing yourself, which we can all agree is what this is really about.

Sometimes you don’t need a fancy contraption or plenty of money, you can just use what you already have and some cunning little tricks! Who knew?