Whoever coined the phrase dogs are “man’s best friend”, really hit the nail on the head when it comes to describing the close and affectionate companionships we are able to develop with our canine counterparts.

I’m pretty sure everyone knows at least one person who says that they “love dogs more than people”, and that’s because they’re oh-so-adorable, loyal and playful.

Dog owners love their pooches so much that they will fight to the death to ensure no one harms a single strand of fluff on their heads.

The most dedicated of owners are even willing to go to on Judge Judy to ensure their dog is in safe hands:

Yep, a clip from the popular courtroom series is currently taking the internet by storm for a very touching reason. The case in this episode was a unique one in that it all centered around “Baby Boy”, a pup that both the plaintiff and the defendant claimed was their own dog.

The lady in possession of the pup, the defendant, claimed that she purchased him off someone selling pets on the street. However, another man, the plaintiff, insisted that he was, in fact, Baby Boy’s original owner and that the dog had been sold without his consent.

As far as Judge Judy was concerned there was nothing else for it – the only way this particular case of undetermined dog ownership could be cleared up was to turn to the puppy himself.

The difficult thing is, dogs can’t exactly testify in court considering the fact that they are unable to speak. However, the infamously stern judge knew there was another way the court could determine, based on the dog’s wishes, who his rightful owner was.

Essentially, she let Baby Boy decide who his owner was by letting him run loose while observing who he ran to. Ultimately, the dog very enthusiastically ran toward the plaintiff, prompting the judge to decide that it belonged to him.

Needless to say, the defendant was distraught at the decision, revealing that she had bought Baby Boy for her mother.

All in all, this certainly was not the most clear-cut of cases and so we can understand why Judge Judy felt the need to pull this unprecedented move.