We never know what we have until it’s gone – I mean, that’s pretty much a given in this age of advanced technology. When we lose our phones, for instance, we suddenly realize how much we took advantage of the ease that it provided our lives with.

But that’s nothing compared to what nine-year-old Luiz Gustavo da Silva was forced to go through after his hearing aid stopped working. For months he was unable to hear and the moment the young boy from south-east Brazil regained his hearing has been shared on the internet garnering an astonishing 8 million views on the first day.

Watch the touching moment here:

Luiz actually started wearing a hearing aid when he was just a three-year-old toddler. He was born deaf but doctors did not properly diagnose his condition until a year and a half after his birth.

The young boy also had a cochlear implant fitted in his left ear which helped him to hear for nearly six years.

However, on March 4, Luiz who is now nine years old, along with his parents, became concerned when his hearing aid stopped working entirely, completely out of the blue.

His parents acted immediately and sent the hearing aid in to be repaired but unfortunately, the warranty had expired three years ago.

They had no idea what course of action to take at this point as they weren’t in the position to be able to afford for the device to be repaired.

Naturally, Luiz was absolutely devastated to lose his hearing once again. Soon enough, he refused to go to school and spent most days just “sobbing his heart out.”

“For the past six years Luiz Gustavo has been living a normal life and has been working with speech therapists to improve his communication,” his father Juliano explained.

What Luiz was about to find out, however, was that his story had touched the hearts of many in their Brazilian town.

When a teacher, Caleny Augusta de Rosa, announced her idea of holding a raffle in order to raise enough money to get Luiz’s hearing aid repaired, hundreds of people supported the cause and ended up raising far more than they actually needed.

“Once people heard about Luiz Gustavo’s difficulties, many residents who had never met him, got behind the campaign,” de Rosa said.

On March 19, the hearing aid was fixed and Luiz’s father fitted it back into his son’s ear.

In order to show the people who donated just how much they had helped his son recover not only his hearing but also his happiness, Juliano recorded the moment Luiz was able to hear again.

“It still brings tears to my eyes when I look back on how he jumped with surprised joy and gave the thumbs up. That moment reminds me just how isolated he is when he cannot hear,” Juliano said.

Luiz was so overjoyed at being able to hear again that he started crying. His dad then tells him “there is no need to cry,” before crying himself and telling his son,“You can hear, you can hear!’

What this family must have gone through when they realized their son was at risk of not being able to hear for the foreseeable future must have been unbearable.

We are glad that Luiz has his hearing back and we wish him the best of luck for his future.