If you are being truly honest with yourself, then you’ll admit that there is something about your partner that you don’t like. After all, nobody is perfect. Be it their need to hoard inanimate objects, their love of food you hate, or the fact that they listen to Taylor Swift repeatedly, there is at least one thing you’d change about them if you could.

However, we’d never tell them that. Why? Because when you love someone, you overlook the irritating things they do. After all, relationships are all about balance. You may hate the way they clip their toenails and leave the filings to fester in the carpet, but they hate the way you slurp the milk with your cereals. See what I mean?

Whilst you might understand, the boyfriend of Shelby Johnson didn’t. The 23-year-old from Portland, Oregon, was left devastated after her boyfriend cruelly criticized her body via text.

Sharing the shocking exchange via Twitter, Shelby explained how for the past five months she has weighed 120lbs (8.5 stone) – a size her boyfriend of two months was not happy with.