Over the last few days, people all over the world celebrated one of the biggest holidays of the year – Easter. And you know what that means: Easter egg hunts, bunny rabbits left, right and center, and plenty of scrumptious chocolates.

In fact, it’s a must that you have to eat at least a little bit of chocolate unless you want to be seen as some sort of Easter Grinch. However, if you are going to eat an Easter egg, you might want to make sure that it’s 100% edible first…

That’s exactly what one family did last Easter when they discovered an Easter egg from nearly a decade ago. They cracked the egg open and discovered a new form of matter inside, and, of course, filmed it for us all to see.

“My parents had some furniture in storage from mid-2008 until early 2017,” the uploader wrote. “Today we found an egg from our 2008 Easter egg hunt hiding behind the couch cushions…”

As soon as the video starts, we see the soon to be cracked egg on the counter. The outside shell of the egg looks harmless enough – it’s a blend of soft blues, yellows, and purples. But something a lot more intriguing lurked beneath its deceptively innocuous surface…

Check out the shocking footage for yourself below: 

A man probed the Easter egg with a knife while explaining that it is, in fact, a “nine-year-old Easter egg”. He then shook it in order to demonstrate to viewers that “the inside has turned into a rubber ball.”

Then, finally, he knifed it, resulting in a surprisingly loud pop that prompted screams from other members of his family. It even takes the knife-wielder by surprise. He exclaims “oh my god, that was unexpected” before complaining that “it stinks”.


So there you have it: if you happen to find a nine-year-old Easter egg, it’s probably best to dispose of it immediately, unless you want to be confronted with the horror that this family had to deal with!