Dogs are our loyal and loving companions. They never hold a grudge or need to feed their egos, and they always just have an absolute adoration for their owners. Sometimes I think they are too good for us!

That’s why they deserve all the toys and treats and pats in the world. It’s easy to make them beloved members of the family, so when tragedy strikes, it can be especially heartbreaking.

One woman, named Christina Young, knows that heartbreak all too well. She unexpectedly lost her pit bull terrier, Petey, and now wants to issue a warning to all dog lovers so that their pets do not suffer the same fate.

Young came home from work one day to discover that Petey had passed away. Her husband had actually made the heartbreaking discovery when, upon returning home earlier than his wife, found Petey lying lifeless on the floor.

He had initially been confused when Petey neglected to greet him at the door as usual and “as he walked in further he saw our sweet boy lying lifeless with a stupid chip bag over his head,” Young revealed.