Will Smith has got some serious game when it comes to dating. Remember how smooth he was back in his Fresh Prince days? Well, he’s still got it, but unfortunately, his date was having none of it!

Of course, this wasn’t any ordinary date. Sophia, the girl Smith was trying to woo, is actually an AI robot. Smith pulled out all the romantic tricks that would have left any other girl totally in love, but sadly Sophia was not “Gettin’ Jiggy With it”.

In fact, when it comes to music, Sophia rather matter-of-factly declared that Smith’s popular albums were just not for her. She prefers electronic music and isn’t opposed to 80s hip-hop, Smith’s work excluded.

Regardless of whether you’re into the “robotic type” or not, this video is not to be missed, and it’ll give you a chance to compare your worst dates to Will Smith’s hilarious encounter with Sophia…

Check out Will’s failed attempt at wooing an AI below:

Despite being hilariously shut down, Smith went in for a confession of love and tried to kiss Sophia, but she blocked him with those few dreaded words “I think we can be friends”.

Firmly placed in the friend-zone, Smith pulled back and perfectly emulated those painful moments we’ve all experienced after being rejected on an incredibly uncomfortable first date.

If Will Smith can’t even pick up a robot, then what hope have the rest of us got for finding love?

Well, perhaps the trick is to try to date warm-blooded, kind, and compassionate people made of flesh. That being said, I’ve definitely met real people who are just as selfish and cold as Sophia!