Johan van Hulst was a hero. He risked his life rescuing over 600 Jewish children from torture and death during the Holocaust.

The brave Dutchman recently passed away at the age of 107, but he will forever be remembered for his incredible selflessness and risking his life to save others.

To learn what life would have been like for those children had they not been saved, watch the video below. You’ll hear from Ron Jones, who was in Auschwitz and survived to tell his story:

Johan van Hulst lived in Amsterdam during the Second World War and worked as a headmaster of a Protestant school. The school shared a garden hedge with a nursery where Nazis kept Jewish children who were too young to be sent to concentration camps.

These children were all under the age of 12 and taken from their parents. Eventually, they would be taken to the concentration camps to endure torture and certain death.