Finding love is no mean feat. A lot of factors have to come into play to create the perfect relationship. Even if you meet someone who you share great chemistry and life goals with, sometimes timing can prevent your blossoming romance from going any further.

However, one problem which few people in the world of dating face is being too good-looking. An exception to this rule, or so she claims, is 44-year-old mom-of-four Dawn Cousins from London, who claims that she is simply too attractive to find love. Yup, seriously.

She appeared on an episode of the British daytime TV show This Morning to discuss her plight. Instead of contemplating the possibility that her failure to find love might be her own fault, Dawn explained how her mind-boggling hotness is ruining her love life.

The 44-year-old even went as far as to say that she’s so attractive that she distracts her colleagues from doing their work.

This is what she looks like:

“The thing is I look half my age and I have men drooling over me all the time, aged from 18 to ancient,” she explained. “I sometimes wish I didn’t look so good, then I might attract the right kind of man I could spend my life with.”

“I seem to get the men who are only after looks and not personality; those types are not the kind of person you want to spend your days with. Guys over 40 are all putting on weight and the women have got a lot of wrinkles. I haven’t got any. I’m not in the same bracket as them.

“I need to find my knight in shining armor – or at least a man who isn’t so fat he could fit [in] it.”

Check out the video below to watch Dawn’s shocking interview for yourself:

The show’s hosts, Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, were understandably bemused by Dawn and tried their best to give her advice – although Philip struggled to keep his giggles under wraps and had to bite his lip to stop himself from laughing.

“Being in a relationship and dating, it’s not all about looks, it’s about personality as well,” he said. “You are a very confident woman, there’s no question about that.”

Unable to hold back any longer, he snapped at the 44-year-old and said, “It’s going to be intimidating and I’ve really got to say unattractive, for a woman to be that confident and to say, ‘I am gorgeous, I am hot, I am too good for you’. Maybe that’s why you’re single?”

Dawn’s self-confessed hotness aside, her expectations also sound like a problem. She expects to find a man who will treat her like a princess 24/7. If she can’t find this, she said she’s going to invest in a cat to love her when she’s older and presumably less attractive.

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish Dawn all the best on her quest. Hopefully, her good looks don’t give any potential Mr. Rights a heart attack when they’re nonchalantly swiping through Tinder on the toilet.