There are few things in this world as heartbreaking as seeing animals suffer. It’s why, collectively, we donate millions of dollars to animal charities every year whilst simultaneously lavishing our own pets with an obscene amount of chew toys, snacks and walks.

We treat our furry friends like they are truly part of the family. For parents, they become an additional child, and for the children, they become a sibling – minus the quarrels over who’ll ride shotgun, the physical fights over the biggest slice of chocolate cake (dogs are allergic) and the tantrums thrown during a long walk, something a dog would never complain about.

So when people part with their pooches, it can be difficult to understand what possessed them to do such a thing. The instant assumption is that they simply didn’t care enough or that they were irresponsible and bought a dog despite not being equipped to give it the attention it needed.

This was the conclusion that Ann Flores came to when she watched two different women drag their dogs to an adoption shelter. Evidently, from the scenes that Flores was able to capture on her camera, the dogs knew that they were about to be abandoned.

This led them to protest in the parking lot as their desperate owners tried to pull them through the doors of Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas.

Determined to deposit their dog at the shelter, the women finally relented in picking them up and carrying them into the building. Recalling the harrowing scene she witnessed, Flores told The Dodo: “[One of the dogs] laid on his back and just rolled over. It was like he was saying, ‘Please don’t take me in here’.”