Dating sucks and we’ve all got our horror stories. This is especially true if you’ve ever lived in a small town, as when you meet someone, chances are you’re related to them, they’re already taken, they’re just not datable, or you’ve already slept together.

I once went on a date with a guy whose masculinity was so threatened when he realized I was an inch taller than him that our entire conversation revolved around how much he could bench press, how much he could deadlift, and then how much hot sauce he could consume in one sitting.

Yeah, I’m serious. Clearly, he wasn’t boyfriend material.

I’ve since moved to a much bigger city, but some people, like the woman in this story, are willing to go the distance, literally, to try and find a perfect match. Sadly, but hilariously, it didn’t work out quite how this woman had planned.

Lori lives in Whitehorse, Yukon. It’s a remote area of Canada way up north. After coming out of a serious relationship which ended with her girlfriend shouting, “It’s not cheating if I tell you about it!” and jumping on a plane to Peru, Lori was looking for a casual hook up to dull the pain, she explains on Vice.

She turned to Tinder but wasn’t having much luck in Whitehouse. It was only after Alice’s profile popped up that she decided to swipe right. The only problem? Alice lived in Fairbanks, Alaska.

The pair quickly struck up a long distance relationship, chatting for hours online. Lori says they had chemistry, and what she originally hoped would be casual was turning into something serious and intense very quickly.

After two months, Alice invited Lori for a week-long visit, so she hopped in her car and made the 13-hour drive. “I was on my way to meet a woman I was crazy for and believed was crazy about me too. It was one of the happiest drives of my life,” she said.