When it comes to our pets, we are all guilty of manhandling them a little too much. In our eyes, it’s a sign of affection to dress up the dog or cuddle the cat. But to them, no doubt, it’s essentially torture.

Just think back to the days when your mother would force you to wear something hideous – maybe some metallic ensemble from the ’90s? – and remember the feeling of intense hatred you had for her at that very moment. Well, your pet feels the same about you every time you try and tie a bow into their fluff.

So with that in mind, we wonder how Stephanie Ard’s five dogs feel. The 32-year-old from Woodstock, Georgia, USA, takes doggy dressing to a whole new level, dressing them in cooky outfits and spray painting their fur, Ard transforms her pooches into works of art.

Not only that, but she also throws them extravagant parties in which the centerpiece is a giant slab of cooked steak. On Christmas Day, each animal is treated to their own stocking, overflowing with treats for them to chew through. In fact, the dogs are such a huge part of Ard’s life that she plans to have all five in attendance at her wedding later this year when she marries 34-year-old canine massage therapist, Christopher Sands.

Stephanie isn’t the only person doing this, in fact, there is a whole community…

Stephanie’s pack of pooches consists of 10-year-old Deuce, eight-year-old Boba Fetch, five-year-old Yoshi, two-year-old Superbiscuit and one-year-old Fido. Sadly, Stephanie’s sixth dog, 10-year-old KangaRoo, passed away last year after suffering from heart disease and a tumor on her lung.