Never say that bullies won’t one day get their just desserts because karma catches up with everyone eventually. They may think they will continue to get away with their wrongdoings for as long as they live, but they couldn’t be more wrong and this story is proof.

Greg Barrett from Texas recently confronted one of the bullies who made his life a misery when they were in middle school. But he wasn’t bullied by just anyone – his former tormentor is the now the superintendent of the Katy Independent School District board, Lance Hindt.

And Barrett didn’t casually recall his awful experiences to a few friends or acquaintances, he announced it in a speech on a podium in front of the entire school board. According to Barrett, he and Hindt had gone to school together in Katy, Texas, 35 years ago.

Barrett then revealed that he became a target for the bullies simply due to his legal name: Greg Gay.

Check out the video below to see him brutally expose his alleged childhood bully:

“I was bullied. Unbelievably bullied,” Barrett said. “I started out and I had teachers that bullied me, I had kids that bullied me, even the coaches. I had nobody to turn to.”

Barrett then recalled a very distressing instance of assault inflicted on him by some of his classmates. One of the students shoved his head in a urinal. After being kicked at relentlessly, he was ultimately left lying on the ground in agony.

Unfortunately, he received little sympathy from the staff at the school, including the principal, and felt as though he had no one to turn to. Barrett then began seriously contemplating suicide as a result of the harrowing incident.

“Well, I went home and I got the .45 out of my father’s drawer and put it in my mouth,” Barrett said. “Because at this point I had nobody – nobody in the school system – to help me. Is that the way this is going to be?”

He then pointed in the direction of the superintendent, declaring: “Lance, you were the one that shoved my head in the urinal.”

Right after the damning revelation, Barrett threw his hands in the air and walked away from the podium leaving the entire room stunned.

Hindt has since denied the accusations saying in a statement:

“It was difficult for me to listen to a gentleman Monday night recount a bullying incident he said occurred more than 35 years ago. As superintendent in three school districts in Texas, I have always tried to create an environment where every student is safe – physically and emotionally. But when an individual impugns my character and reputation as the instigator of those actions, I am disappointed because it simply is not true.”

Victims of bullying don’t usually get the opportunity to confront their tormentors in such an epic way so kudos to Barrett for the being bold enough to do what many others probably wish they could.

Of course, we can’t know for sure whether this allegation against the superintendent is entirely true or not, but in any case, let this story serve as a reminder that bullying is not something you can get away with forever.