When you get a new car, you will typically go to great lengths to ensure that it sustains no kind of dent or scratch. For the moment you realize that a car you recently bought is no longer in absolute mint condition can be pretty disappointing – especially considering how expensive they are.

And depending on how bad the damage is, that disappointment can soon turn to utter devastation.

But just imagine owning a car as expensive as a Ferrari 458 Spider,  only to learn that it has been crushed beyond repair.

Watch the painful demolition of the $280,000 Ferrari below:

That’s exactly what happened to 31-year-old millionaire Zahid Khan from Birmingham, England. His $280,000 Ferrari 458 Spider was crushed at a scrapyard because the police wrongly believed it had been stolen.

Khan said he was pulled over by the police back in April 2017 and that they decided to seize the vehicle. Despite telling the officers that he bought the car from an auction company through a middleman and that he’d had the correct parts fitted, it was taken from him because he didn’t have the appropriate paperwork.

Unfortunately, by the time he got to court with the proper paperwork, proving that the car was, in fact, his, the car had already been destroyed. West Midlands Police later clarified that they had no choice but to destroy it because it had no valid insurance and was a Category B vehicle, meaning it wasn’t roadworthy.

Having to come to terms with the fact that his precious car had been crushed was almost impossible for the wealthy businessman.

“I love supercars and have owned a number of them and loved this car. I saved to buy this car, and it was sentimental to me and my family,” Khan explained. “The police had no right to do what they did, it’s very sad, this money could have gone to a good cause. Ferrari parts are worth more than the car itself. I had a quote to sell the Ferrari in parts for over £250,000.”

But if you think the young millionaire is about to let the police get away with obliterating his beloved car, you’re wrong.

Khan’s solicitor has already sent a letter to West Midlands Police informing them that he will be suing the entire force. We can only hope Khan gets the best possible outcome from the lawsuit because having an expensive car removed from your possession and then destroyed must be an absolute nightmare.