Last week we lost the legendary scientist Stephen Hawking. His contribution to modern science is paramount, and it is depressing to think what new revelations he could have added to the study of cosmology had he lived even another ten years.

On his deathbed, Hawking finished one last scientific paper which actually predicted the end of the world. Many conspiracy theorists and profits have tried and failed to do this before, but if anyone is going to get it right, it’s going to be Hawking.

In the meantime, check out Stephen Hawking’s last words in the video below. He left us with one last inspiring and important message to humanity before he died. Give it a watch:

The paper was submitted just two weeks before his death and outlines how we may not only predict the end of our world, but how we may be able to detect other universes. It is believed that if Hawking was proven correct in his theories, he would have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

While he has been nominated for the prize several times in the past, he has never won the award, and now that he has passed away, sadly he never can.

The paper is titled A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation and was co-authored with Thomas Hertog. Hawking believed that the universe was created by the “Big Bang” explosion, which would’ve created an infinite number of other universes.