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Anyone who’s been skiing before knows that the first time you ride a ski lift can be a bit intimidating. You have to time getting on and off just right and are moving high above the mountain with just a small metal bar to keep you in the chair.

It’s normally quite easy and safe once you get the hang of it, that is as long as it’s working properly. Recently, a ski life in Georgia’s Gudauri ski resort malfunctioned after the gearing system overloaded, giving skiers the scariest lift of their lives!

According to local news sources, the ski lift began to move at twice its normal speed and in reverse, causing people to be thrown from their chairs. Some skiers, attempting to avoid being flung into the air actually decide to jump from the lift!

The heart-stopping footage was captured on video, which can be viewed below:

As you can see, the helpless skiers are left with little option than to be thrown into the air or to jump, hoping for a softer impact. More and more skiers decide to jump after it becomes apparent that the metal lift chars are becoming mangled at the bottom of the hill.

Luckily, no one was killed since the snow help to cushion the fall of those who jumped or were thrown. However, 12 people were injured but are expected to make a full recovery. It may be some time before they decide to get back on a ski lift after such a harrowing experience.