It’s that time of year again when the weather starts to get warmer, we begin to wear fewer layers of clothing, and suddenly we realize that all those winter snacks and lazing by the fire on cold, dark nights have got us looking a little, well, fat.

Yep, it’s diet and gym membership time, because everyone wants to go to the beach but swimsuit shopping is super scary. Can’t they do something about the fluorescent lighting in those tiny change rooms so that my upper thigh cellulite looks at least a little less hideous?

Whether you’ve got a lot or a little to lose, or just want to tone up and add a few kilos of muscle mass, there is no day like today to get started. Healthy eating and exercise are huge lifestyle commitments but are ones that can radically change your life your the better.

Need some inspiration? Check out these 21 incredible people who not only transformed their looks but also their health by losing weight.

1. 126 lbs lost between them!

Perhaps love is the best motivation.

2. Down 48 lbs in eight months

Just look at that tiny waist!

3. 151 lbs lost in two years

“For each pound that I lose, I capture a Pokémon! I have finally caught the entire First Generation. Now to start on Gen 2!”

4. They lost 170 lbs together

And got much healthier, too.

Want even more motivation to lose weight? Then check out the video below it will give you five science-backed steps to help you shed those pesky extra pounds:

5. In just eight months, she let go of 88 lbs

Small portion sizes, eating regularly, and finding a fitness activity that works for you are key points to losing weight.

This next woman has completely changed her look…