Our eyes can totally play tricks on us. Every day we do double takes because we thought we saw something was wasn’t really there. Of course, how many times do you think you see a penis in the run of your day?

As it turns out, a lot. Don’t believe me? Then you have to see this hilarious list of photos. Just like the people who took these pictures, you’ll swear you’ve just seen a dong, too!

Yes, as it turns out, we’re all just a little bit sick. As classy and sophisticated as we pretend to be, we all just seem to have dongs on the brain. Or at least we have things that hilariously look like dongs on the brain! Scroll down to see what I’m talking about. Laughs are guaranteed!

1. This mold stain

How very disturbing!

2. This oddly positioned desk chair

Does anybody want to sit on it?

3. Captain Kirk’s strangely shaped rock.

Why didn’t anyone on set say something?

4. The instructions on this deodorant bottle.

“Shake well before each use…”

5. Spider-Man

My spidey sense is tingling!

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