Pretty much everyone in the world is absolutely terrified of spiders, and even that’s an understatement.

And we have a perfectly good reason to be afraid. Spiders are undeniably sinister-looking, they’re heart-stoppingly stealthy and they’re disturbingly hairy. Not to mention the fact that they have eight creepy-looking legs, and many species are venomous.

Take a look at one of the creepiest spider-sightings you’ll ever see:

Yep, we’re a world full of arachnophobes, but unfortunately, spiders are absolutely everywhere. In fact, there are on average about 131 of them per square meter in every part of the world.

In Australia, spiders are ten times scarier than your average creepy crawly. They’re much bigger, faster and generally more lethal than spiders elsewhere in the world. And because of that, pest controllers are constantly on the move from property to property so that they can help Australians rid themselves of their unwanted guests.

One particular pest controller was filmed inspecting a property in Queensland, Australia. In the video, hundreds of baby spiders sit on a roof of a home in Kholo, Queensland.

When a flashlight is directed onto the spiderweb nest, the tiny baby spiders can be seen scattering away into what seems like a hundred different directions. Then, when the camera is directed upwards, a great, big grey huntsman spider emerges, seemingly out of nowhere.

The spider, who is evidently the mother of the tiny spiders, really is the stuff of nightmares.

Just for a bit of background knowledge – grey huntsman spiders are one of the largest arachnids in Australia and measure on average about seven inches across.

I can’t imagine anyone not being terrified of what I can only describe as a beast of a spider.

Of course, in certain parts of the world, spiders such as these are probably commonplace, but the idea that anyone could be accustomed to seeing them crawling in and out of their homes is pretty mindblowing to me.

But then again if you did happen to see such a monstrous creepy crawly in your home, it would make for a pretty unforgettable YouTube video…