We all like to think that if we saw someone in the midst of a dire situation, then we would be able to step up, step in and prevent anything drastic from happening.

However, we cannot always predict how we will react in a dangerous situation. Many people freeze with fear when confronted with something or someone that is potentially life-threatening.

Imagine, for example, you were in a situation where you were witnessing what appeared to be a kidnapping take place.

Well, one gas station employee, 25-year-old Manveer Komer, encountered just that, and what he did to stop the kidnapping is nothing short of heroic.

Watch Manveer’s incredible actions here:

Komer often works late nights at a gas station in Philadelphia, and on this particular shift, he saw something that would make most people tremble with fear.

A man and a woman walked into walked into the store and Komer immediately sensed that something wasn’t right.

The woman was shaking with absolute trepidation, but it wasn’t until the man used her credit card to buy cigarettes, that Komer knew with certainty that this woman was not with him by choice.

When the man was turned to leave with the woman, Komer took immediate action. “You come [stand] behind my back. I’ll help you. No problem,” Komer reassured the woman.

Komer decided he needed to show the man that he was not one to be messed with, so he pretended to have a gun in his pocket while boldly walking right up to him. Komer then demanded that the man give her back her car keys and her card, which he refused to do.

However, realizing that Komer meant business, the kidnapper decided to flee the scene in the woman’s car. Luckily, the car contained the woman’s cell phone which was ultimately tracked by the police, allowing them to find the criminal soon after Komer had called them.

Komer then learned that the woman was a doctor and that the man had carjacked her earlier that day.

The man forcibly took her to numerous stores and ATMs with the goal of withdrawing as much money as possible: money that he ultimately hoped would go straight into his pocket.

Komer’s bravery and decisive action most likely saved the woman’s life. The security tapes at the gas station showed exactly what went down between the three parties, and showed the police just how brave Komer was.

Even after the kidnapper fled the gas station in the woman’s car, Komer tried to calm the understandably distressed woman down and help her call the police.

Of course, situations like these are often difficult to navigate as everyone reacts to them in different ways. And bravery can come in many different forms: sometimes, even a simple phone call to the police could prevent a tragedy from occurring.