The last few years have seen some incredibly worrisome political events. From North Korean nuclear threats, to Russia meddling in the US election, to ISIS threats, to the recent poisoning of a former Russian spy on British soil, now some are wondering if we could be on the brink of WWIII.

While political leaders are already butting heads, posing sanctions, and contemplating future strategies should a new war break out, the Queen has long since been prepared for another Great War.

In was revealed in 2013 that the Queen has already penned a secret speech should the world be thrust into WWIII. What’s even more incredible is that the speech was actually written 35 years ago in 1983!

The speech was released as part of the 30-year rule with the National Archives and while certain portions of the text are now outdated, it still remains an incredibly powerful, poignant, and a timely piece of writing.

The speech was written during the height of the Cold War when political tensions were high and WWIII threats were very real. Conflicts with the Russians were once again main topics in the news and it’s easy to see similarities between the political climate then and now.

In case you’re unaware, tensions are once again high between the United Kingdom and Russia after Putin allegedly had a former Russian Spy killed in the UK using a toxic nerve agent:

After a former Russian spy and his was murdered on British soil using a Russian nerve agent, Prime Minister Theresa May gave Putin the opportunity to comment on any involvement in the attack. Putin refused to comment, leading to Theresa May expelling 23 Russian diplomats.

Moscow has since denied any involvement.

The speech, which you can read in its entirety below, reads as if it were to be read on March 4, 1983. It begins with addressing the recent holiday season and then draws a comparison to the Queen’s father, King George VI’s speech regarding WWII.