Zoos all over the country have gone viral on Twitter over the past few days, after leaving some seriously funny reviews of their animals.

In a series of honest ratings and witty commentary resembling Amazon-like product reviews, some of the country’s most popular zoos have revealed what they really think about the animals in their enclosures.

Find out more about this hysterical new Twitter trend:

Using the hashtag #rateaspecies to voice their opinions on the animals, these zoos, and aquariums certainly didn’t pull any punches when contributing to the discussion.

Here are 23 of the most side-splittingly hilarious Twitter reviews of animals at the zoo.

1. Who wouldn’t be a fanda of the red panda?

The manufacturers even had the decency to include extra fluff. My customer satisfaction is through the roof.

2. It is a head-turner after all

And it’s a conversation starter – what more could you want?