Sometimes life really isn’t fair. Even when you’re trying your best to make things work out, life can, quite literally, slap you in the face. This is a lesson which this young boy learned the hard way after he curiously got up close and personal with a recently caught fish.

Admittedly, life as a fish can’t be easy. While us humans strive to enjoy our lives as much as possible, life under the sea doesn’t revolve around much other than fighting to stay alive, and when you’re hungry, it’s easy to confuse a hook for a tasty piece of fish.

After being caught, many fish are unfortunately left to suffocate before being eaten by their captors. So if you’re into fishing, please do them a favor and put them out of their misery as swiftly and humanely as possible, otherwise, they could use their dying breath to get you back.

Check out the dramatic fish slap for yourself in the video below: 

Dylan Thomas famously wrote of death, “Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

This fish was clearly a creature after the poet’s heart, and instead of using its remaining strength to live for a few extra seconds, it decided to violently slap the young boy in the face – a slap so violent that the boy was thrown backward onto the ground.

Clearly unfamiliar with death, the boy quickly got up after being slapped by the fish and asked his father, who filmed the dramatic incident, if the fish had gotten hurt from the force of the impact – specifically if the fish was bleeding.

Sorry kid, but that fish is long gone. At least you can take comfort in the knowledge that you played a role in its last hurrah!