Back in the 60s and 70s, a fringe movement was started which saw mothers eating their own placentas.

It quickly died down in the 80s, however, in the last few years, more and more people, especially mothers, have begun eating this highly-stigmatized item of “food” once again.

It’s no wonder, considering there have been plenty of celebrity advocates for the practice. Yep, encouraging endorsements from Mad Men actress January Jones and Kim Kardashian – one of the most famous mothers on the planet – are plentiful.

Those who engage in the unconventional practice of eating their own placenta believe that the nutrients which are passed from the mother to the fetus in the womb are still contained in the placenta.

But trust me, if you thought simply eating your own placenta was weird enough, find out what one new mother did with hers.

Kiley Whitworth, a new mother from Georgia, had her placenta turned into chocolate truffles, and what’s more, she recorded the entire process for everyone to enjoy on Snapchat.

Take a look at very bizarre footage:

Needless to say, the internet’s response to the whole saga has varied from total intrigue to absolute disgust.