Mental illness is an extremely common topic in 2018, and 1-in-4 of us will have an experience with a mental illness in our lifetimes. What’s important to know is that all mental illnesses are treatable and sometimes completely curable. It is absolutely possible to alleviate symptoms and live a normal life.

That being said, it can often be difficult to identify why you may be feeling unlike yourself, or perhaps it’s someone else whose recent behavior has become a cause for concern.

Below you’ll find 20 lesser known symptoms of mental illnesses. If you or someone you know seems to match the description, it’s important to reach out and seek help. And remember, if someone reaches out to you, it’s extremely important that you reach back. You might be saving a life.


Depression is characterized by a feeling of low mood, low self-esteem, loss of interest in life, loss of pleasure, feelings of guilt, and poor concentration.

1. They use first-person pronouns more often

People with depression tend to be more inwardly focused and therefore use first-person pronouns like “I”, “me” and “myself” more often rather than using “he”, “she” and “them”. They also speak more negatively, choosing adjectives and adverbs like “hurt”, “lonely”, and “miserable”.

2. They spend a lot of time in bed

Depressed people spend a lot of time in bed and it’s not because they’re sleeping. While they are very likely tired, chances are they are not sleeping due to rumination, or cycling thoughts, that interferes with proper sleeping patterns.

3. They use black and white filters in social media

While those suffering from depression are less likely to use photo filters at all, when they do it’s usually the black and white one. Also, when they post pictures to social media, they will rarely share any pictures that includes their face.

4. They are apathetic

Depression is usually associated with feeling sad, but often those suffering from the condition feel nothing at all. They become numb and simply go through the motions of their day without feeling sad, but also without the ability to feel joy.

5. They can become forgetful

People with depression can often feel like they are suffering from memory loss. Although they aren’t really losing any memories, they can become very forgetful, have an inability to retain information, and can suddenly lack decision-making skills.

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