There are few things that can get the people going quite like happy hour. It’s an occasion celebrated internationally, uniting the world by the love of a thirst-quenching alcoholic beverage.

Every corner of the globe celebrates the hour a little differently. In some places it’s fashionable to sip on a cocktail or two in a sophisticated after-work manner, in other establishments things get a little messier with half-price jugs of beer and wine on tap.

But one place that is really taking things to a whole new level is the westbound stretch of the I-10 highway in Florida, where a truck carrying 3o tons of Busch beer overturned, transforming the tarmac into an impromptu bar.

Do you remember this iconic Busch commercial from the 1970s? Warning: this may make you feel old…

The incident reportedly occurred at 2:40 am on Wednesday, February 29 after the driver of the party truck “failed to maintain his lane” as he traveled through Okaloosa County.

This caused $48,000 worth of beer to spill out onto the highway as the rig came crashing down on its passenger side. Luckily the driver was unharmed in the incident, escaping with only minor injuries which were treated at the scene.