North Korea is a country shrouded in secrecy. However, as the regime’s notoriety grows, snippets of disturbing information are slowly but surely making their way into the Western world, including the fact that Kim Jong-un has a “pleasure squad”.

As the name suggests, this is a group of young women – all certified virgins – who tend to his every need, sexual and otherwise.

The news report below details more about this disturbing group:

Known as the “Gippeumjo”, which literally translates to “happiness squad”, the teenagers selected for this seemingly exclusive role have lives which, to the unsuspecting onlooker, appear to be luxurious and comfortable by North Korean standards.

Materially, they want for nothing and are given luxury accommodation, clothes, and goods – but this all comes at a terrible price.

In exchange for these luxuries, the pleasure squad are expected to entertain the supreme leader with dancing, massages, and, if he is feeling frisky, sexual favors. The women chosen to be in the squad are carefully selected so that they can perform these tasks exceptionally.

Given North Korea’s reputation for executing those who don’t comply with the regime, including whole families, it is likely that none of the pleasure squad even contemplate refusing to carry out these tasks out of fear of what could happen to them as a result.

Kim Jong-un’s grandfather, Kim Il-sung, was the first North Korean dictator to have a pleasure squad in the 1970s. Because of how problematic the squad is by nature, the country did everything in its power to keep its existence a secret until former members started speaking out.

Despite this, pleasure squads continued to exist throughout the leadership of Kim Jong-il. However, when Kim Jong-un first became the leader, they were removed from existence. This was believed to be the result of the Western influence of Jong-un’s Swiss education.

Then, in 2015, they came back into existence, so this clearly wasn’t the case.