Teaching isn’t an easy job, and I’m talking from experience. When you’re trying to pass on knowledge, it can be difficult to do so in an interesting an engaging way. That’s why teachers are encouraged to get as creative as possible so that their lessons are memorable.

But few educators would go as far as Tim Lawrence from Washington State University, who covered himself in bees to give a lecture.

To illustrate the animals’ stimulus-response, he covered himself in them to prove that they would not sting him. The brave professor admitted that he had been stung a few times while carrying out the demonstration, but in the context of how many bees there were, it was minor.

“Why is it we can do this and not get stung?” he asked his class before revealing “they are not inclined to sting”.

Check out the video below to see the demonstration for yourself: 

“Anybody can come up and actually stick their hand right in this swarm and not get stung,” he said, inviting his students to come closer.

The professor then grabbed a cluster of bees and told his students that he was holding the queen. Describing his look as a “bee beard”, he said that he created it in a natural way as opposed to opening a large cage of bees and allowing them to swarm him.

“I think you get better bee beards this way, you get more of a natural, larger swarm,” he said.

One thing’s for sure – I wish I’d had a professor as cool as Tim at college.