This may just be the most un-bee-lievable thing you watch all year.

We’ve all had our own personal issues with bees. Sure, they make delicious honey. And sure, they help pollinate the Earth, which in turn helps keep humans alive. And sure, the world needs them in order to survive. But when one of them flies into your car, they can be a real pain in the ass!

Bees may be small, but they’re also terrifying to so many of us. They’re huge, they can fly, they black and yellow (never a good sign), they emit a loud buzz, and they’re packing one painful sting.

Therefore, when you find a bee in your house, it’s understandable that you want to get it out as quickly as possible.

Now, video footage has gone viral of a man placing a McDonald’s soda cup over a HUGE bee, only for the bee to do the unthinkable.

Check out the alarming video below:

Like… I mean… That got to be fake, right?

Sure, McDonald’s cups are only made of light cardboard, and, to be honest, that bee looked bigger and stronger than my dog – but surely that can’t be real!

The footage, which was originally uploaded to YouTube in February, has since amassed over 35,000 views on certain channels, although the original source seems to be a mystery.

But that hasn’t stopped the people of the internet debating the video’s validity.

One doubtful YouTuber commented: “The trick for these videos is to close your eyes and listen. The problem is that the bee sound is hard to record and isolate. You can hear the background ambient noise change once the bee sound effect is added.”

And another unconvinced user said: “Good thing the bee somehow knew exactly where the door was.”

Which is a very good point. Bees may be smart, but are they really smart enough to know exactly where that open door was? I’ve seen a bee try to get out of an open window for about five minutes before – and that was without a McDonald’s cup on its head.

Still, until the video creator speaks out, I guess we’ll never know if there really is a herculean bee flying around our neighborhood.