Most of us will get to the stage where we decide we want to lose weight. Now, this may be anything from a few pounds to a considerable chunk of our overall mass, but it’s almost inevitable that we will decide to shed the pounds at some point.

But only in the most extreme cases would someone be in the position where they would aim to lose as much as half of their body weight.

Well, one morbidly obese teenager did manage to lose half of her body weight, and guess what – she did it in just 11 months!

On her YouTube channel, NoLongerFatJosie, Josephine explains in detail how she managed to lose 132 lbs in less than a year:

Seventeen-year-old Josephine Desgrand from Queensland, Australia used to weigh a whopping 270 lbs and was a size 20.

She is now so slender that both she and her boyfriend, 19-year-old Morgan Pascoe, can fit into her old jeans at the same time.

Josephine holds the large portion sizes she had grown accustomed to eating, and her lack of exercise on her extremely unhealthy weight.

So what made the Aussie teen decide to embark on a colossal weight loss journey? Well, she had been on the receiving end of constant bullying, and it was starting to take its toll on her emotional and mental health.