It’s natural to assume that a film set is the safest place on the planet. When you’re working with stars who have single body parts insured for thousands, if not millions, of dollars, it’s worth ensuring every element of the production is like one enormous soft play area.

Of course, no matter how hard you try to ensure the safety of your performers, there is always a risk that things can go wrong. Just look at Tom Cruise, who last month snapped his ankle whilst performing his own stunt for the latest installment in the Mission Impossible franchise.

Watch the moment Tom Cruise fails to land a jump, breaking his ankle in the process…

One actress who knows only too well the perils of a film set is 20-year-old Taylor Hickson, who was left with a deep scar on her face after falling through a glass door on the set of horror film Ghostland.

Image Credit: Vulture

Hickson, who was 19-years-old at the time of the incident, was left severely injured with a particularly deep wound to her face. Despite expert medical attention, the aspiring actress has been left with a noticeable scar on her cheek which she is the baseline for the lawsuit which she has now launched against Incident Productions, the company behind the film.

Image Credit: Instagram (@taylor.hickson)

Hickson, who’d previously had a small role in the 2016 blockbuster hit Deadpool, is claiming loss of income as a result of her disfiguring injury, which left her requiring 70 stitches to her face.