Physical disabilities often blight sufferer’s lives. When people look different, children, in particular, can be extremely cruel, but this is not the case for Pranshu, from Jalandhar in the Indian state of Punjab, who has an undiagnosed medical condition.

Instead of causing him problems, it’s brought him fame because people believe he is the reincarnation of the Hindu god Ganesh.

Credit: Ajay Verma / Barcroft Images

The seven-year-old has a medical condition which has left him with an enlarged head, narrow eyes, and the inability to walk with ease. His unusual appearance has been compared to that of Ganesh, who is the good of good fortune and beginnings.

Villagers come to Prashant for blessings because Ganesh is believed to provide prosperity, fortune, and success.

Check out the video below to see Pranshu explain how the condition has improved his life: 

Pranshu’s father, Kamlesh, is convinced that his son is a God and also worships him.

“I worship him like the other villagers. His whole body is like the Lord Ganesha,” he said. “He gives blessings to everyone. Villagers who meet him get their wishes fulfilled.”

“He goes to school every day and when people see my son, they welcome him with flowers.”

Credit: Ajay Verma / Barcroft Images

Kamlesh revealed that Pranshu looked like Ganesh from the moment he was born.

“His eyes were like Lord Ganesha,” he said. “He was born with a big head and even now the size of his head is growing.”

Because Pranshu is believed to be the reincarnation of Ganesh, none of his classmates bully him.

He was first taken to a doctor for a diagnosis when he was a one-year-old, but the doctors in question were unable to explain what was causing his condition or offer any treatment.