When you’re young, it can be really tempting to be as daring as you possibly can be in an attempt to impress your friends.

And this is especially true when drink and drugs are thrown into the mix. It goes without saying, but the more you drink, the more willing you are to do things which could put your health and even your life at risk.

This is the reason alcohol makes us behave so stupid:

Very few people know this better than 28-year-old Sam Ballard, who became severely disabled after a drunken dare cost him his health.

The heartwrenching story starts back in 2010 when Sam was a 19-year-old rugby player for Sydney.

He was sitting with a group of his friends drinking red wine when someone brought a garden slug to the table and said: “Eat it, I dare you”.

Sam obliged and swallowed the slug and despite his mother, Katie Ballard’s prior beliefs that he was “invincible” and could overcome anything, her teenage son’s life changed beyond recognition.

The man she once described as “my rough-and-tumble Sam” immediately fell ill and was taken to Royal North Shore Hospital where he was given a devastating diagnosis.