It is no secret that the current financial climate is quite a volatile place, it’s the reason why people are investing so heavily in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Cold hard cash just isn’t worth what it once was, and as a result, people are getting creative with their payment methods.

But nobody has taken it to the same extreme as four University of Texas students who traded nude images for a husky puppy…

When presented with the possibility of becoming parents to an adorable husky pup, the four girls – Kat, Courtaney, Maria, and Alyson – all knew that they needed to think outside of the box in order to pay the $300 that the owner was requesting.

Rather than turn to their parents for a loan, or ask for a few more shifts at work as most teens in a similar situation would, the girls opted to send something much more valuable to the puppy’s owner: nudes.

The obscure exchange began when a male friend of Alyson’s began posting pictures of the plump pup on Snapchat asking if anyone would be interested in buying her for $300. Unable to help herself, Alyson reached out to him asking if he’d be prepared to just “give” her the bundle of fluff.

This is what happened when a stranger tried to purchase a man’s puppy for $70,000: