Everybody has their own body hangups. Even if you’ve been blessed a life without any medical condition, a full head of hair and unblemished skin, there’s still something about yourself that’ll leave you feeling self-conscious.

Kristy Wimberly always struggled with her right leg, which had stopped growing at the same pace as her left at age six. For decades, the 32-year-old hid her “ugly” leg under long pants, but now she has finally undergone surgery and has the confidence to wear a dress.

When she was just a child, Wimberly was diagnosed with a rare spinal cord tumor called an astrocytoma. During the procedures to remove the tumor, the nerves connecting her spinal cord to her leg were damaged.

The remaining nerves were also compromised when Wimberly had titanium rods inserted into her back to treat scoliosis, which is a curvature of the spine. This meant the growth in her right leg was stunted.

It was permanently two inches shorter than her right leg and she was unable to walk without a brace. She then had 19 surgeries to attempt to lengthen her right leg, but was forever labeled a “cripple” by classmates growing up and developed an obsession with concealing her disability.

Check out Kristy’s amazing storyin the video below:

Wimberly never wore shorts or dresses, even when temperatures skyrocketed in the summers. She was confined to wheelchairs and crutches, and she suffered from repeated infections from wounds caused by her leg brace.