Most of us have a particular delicacy that we just never get tired of eating.

Italian food, Indian food, and Chinese food are all celebrated cuisines, but for me personally, nothing beats some good old Japanese delicacies. From their noodles to their rice dishes – everything about their food is pure perfection in my eyes.

Is this enough to put you off Japanese food?

But I’m specifically talking about their raw fish dishes – sashimi. (Not sushi. Sushi is a rice dish.)

While some people might feel a little squeamish about the very idea of consuming raw fish, there’s nothing that whets my appetite more than eating an uncooked fish…

There’s something very primitive about it – like I’m a hunter-gatherer catching fish with my bare hands and eating it right then and there.

Well, not really, but it’s practically a step towards eating a live fish.

Of course, I mean this in a metaphorical sense but as it turns out digging into a bit of raw fish at your local sushi joint is not necessarily as “harmless” as it may seem. Yes, for even the biggest sushi fans, there’s probably such a thing as fish being too “fresh”. Because while you might expect your raw fish to be completely lifeless long before it hits your plate, one person found the exact opposite to be true.

This unsuspecting person was pretty shocked to learn that the nerves in his clam nigiri (which is sashimi served with rice) were still very much responsive to touch. When he tapped it with his chopsticks, the clam nigiri started moving seemingly in reaction.

While it may seem a little freaky, it certainly wouldn’t put me off. What about you guys? Are you as unconventional a foodie as I am?