When 18-year-old undefeated boxer, Michael Valentin approached the microphone for his post-victory speech, he didn’t mention his incredible 4-0 win streak, but rather discussed something much more personal that left the crowd in awe.

He revealed that he has a condition called Hirschsprung’s disease and has been fighting with a colostomy bag. He pulled his shorts down to reveal the bag, which sits on the outside of his abdomen and attaches to his intestines. You can watch his incredible speech in the video below:

Hirschsprung’s disease is a congenital condition that affects the large intestine. Babies with the disease are born without nerve cells in the muscles of the colon, causing problems with passing stool.

This is why Valentin had surgery to put in a colostomy bag. Valentin also announced that he would be receiving further surgery on his intestines and would be out of the ring for approximately eight to nine months while he recovers. He did promise that he would be back, better than ever.