Pamela Anderson is no stranger to the Playboy Mansion. In fact, she’s been on the cover of Playboy Magazine 14 times. That’s more than any other model in the publication’s 64-year history!

It’s no wonder she’s got some incredible stories from her time at the mansion and is now sharing her sauciest one with Piers Morgan on his Life Stories series. She spoke with Morgan last week, revealing not only secrets from the mansion, but also dished on relationships with Julian Assange and Vladimir Putin!

Anderson first got her start when she was discovered at a Canadian football game after appearing on the Jumbotron. She was then hired as a spokesperson for Labatt’s Beer, which led to her more iconic roles such as C.J. Parker on the television show Baywatch and as an international sex symbol.

She is probably most well known for her association with Playboy Magazine as well as becoming a prominent animal rights activist. Now, at age 50, Anderson is revealing what it was like spending so much time at Hugh Hefner’s famous mansion and dishing her sauciest stories.